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In keeping with our ongoing commitment to provide services to all clients, KARE have constructed this website to conform to accessibility standards that will allow as many users as possible to access our online information. (WAI 3, CSS and XHTML 1.0 Transitional).

The goal of web accessibility is to ensure that all information or services delivered through our websites is available to and usable by the widest possible audience. This requirement means that all users should be able to:

  • Perceive and understand the information provided
  • Perceive, understand and operate the website navigation
  • Perceive, understand and operate the controls and inputs

To achieve this, the design has taken into account the fact that the ability to see, hear, make inputs, read text or process information varies from user to user, across time and across situations of use.

This Web site contains a logical tab order for links throughout the site, so that those links can be activated easily.


Navigation Aids

All pages on this site will use structured semantic markup. h1 tags will be used for main titles, with h2 and h3 tags used for subtitles. Visually impaired users will be able to skip the navigation links by selecting the 'Skip to main content' link in the site header.



All symbols used in have been created using Boardmaker® The Picture Communication Symbols ©1981–2009 by Mayer-Johnson LLC. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Used with permission.

Boardmaker® is a trademark of Mayer-Johnson LLC. DynaVox Mayer-Johnson, 2100 Wharton Street, Suite 400, Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Phone: 800-588-4548, Fax: 866-585-62620, Email:, Web site:


Visual Design

This site uses cascading style sheets (CSS) for visual layout. This means you may customize your Internet browser settings to view the site according to your own preferences.

Relative font sizes will be used, compatible with the user-specified "text size" options in visual browsers. If your browser does not support style sheets the content of each page will still be readable.


Adobe Acrobat Files

Documents marked .PDF are saved in Portable Document Format. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view all PDF files. The Acrobat Reader software is available for downloading free of charge from the Adobe website. The free reader allows you to view, navigate and print PDF files across all major computing platforms. For more information on how to download the Reader, go to Adobe Acrobat help page.

Adobe’s accessibility website is full of information on the features and capabilities of Abode products that enhance electronic documents accessibility for people with disabilities such as blindness, low vision and motor impairments.

A number of the Portable Document files featured on the site were created in older versions of Abode Acrobat and may not provide all the accessibility features of Adobe Acrobat Reader. KARE will request all suppliers of PDF documents for the website to provide files which facilities accessible access to all website users.



We have endeavored to construct this site according to the National Disability Authority of Ireland's Guidelines for Web Accessibility, complying with WAI 3, CSS and XHTML 1.0 Transitional requirements. This site is also tested on multiple browsers on a variety of operating systems.


Issue Reporting and Feedback

The website development team have in all cases tried to make the website meet the requirements of users. However we are grateful for all suggestions on improvements to the site and information on difficulties that were encountered in using the website. Please use our contact webmaster email form to send suggestions or report issues.